Welcome to Central Minnesota Surgical Center

The Best Place To Be For Outpatient Surgery…

Welcome to Central Minnesota Surgical CenterWe are dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective outpatient surgery in a friendly patient oriented environment. Providing care and individualized attention to our patients is the goal of our entire staff. From our simplified admission process to our next day, post surgery follow-up phone call, every aspect of our care is designed with the needs of our patients in mind.

Your physician has recommended Central Minnesota Surgical Center (CMSC) because we offer the best care possible for the procedure you need. Since we specialize in same-day surgeries, we are able to give you personalized attention without sacrificing quality.

We have removed the “red tape” and replaced it with care. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. We are governed by a group of dedicated physicians who make sure that you get the best treatment possible and that this facility maintains the highest standards in providing that care. We meet your special needs with compassion and expertise so that you may resume your normal life safely and quickly.

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