Bladder Satisfaction Survey

Bladder Satisfaction

As Urologists, we’ve heard the hesitations:


“It’s not that bad.  I can live with it.”         
“It’s just a normal part of aging.”
“It’s too embarrassing to talk about.”

“I need to take care of my family first.”

But here are the facts…
When you’re not concerned about staying near the bathroom, you’ll venture out more.

When you’re not afraid of leaking, you’ll laugh more.
When you’re not uncomfortable, you’ll be free to enjoy life.
When you take charge of your health your quality of life will change.

We understand your hesitation, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to just “live with it”.  Treatments are available and we can help.

After learning about your unique needs as a woman, you are partnered with the right provider to address your personal concerns.  Our highly trained team of urology professionals help you overcome problems like leakage and pelvic floor disorders, issues that can affect women after childbirth and as you age. 

So go ahead, watch your grandson’s softball game from the stands, jump on the trampoline with your kids, and laugh with your friends. 
Life is too good to sit it out.   

Bladder Satisfaction Survey